Sanding Items

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Random Orbital Sanders

2" & 3" Purple Power Sanding Discs

Our other sanding products: In the past I've paid $6.95 or more for a sanding pad holder that was totally plastic. The stem was plastic, the base was plastic and it was glued to a cheap piece of foam with a Velcro back. I am not exaggerating when I tell you it didn’t last 5 minutes in the bowl I was sanding. I have also paid $21.00 for a pretty decent sanding pad holder but almost cried when the Velcro gave up. I knew there was a better way.

My first choice - I highly suggest taking a good look at the Ultimate Sanding Kit. This idea was spawned from the automotive industry and sheet metal work. If you are not familiar with the term Roloc Connector, you should be because it's tough as nails and almost non-breakable. Read the whole description of the Ultimate Kit and you will see what an exceptional value it is. It’s like having 10 of those $21.00 holders for a fraction of the cost.

If the Ultimate System doesn’t meet your fancy we have some heavy duty conventional style 2" and 3" sanding pad holders that are very rugged. The foam is wrapped around the base, and the stem is metal and it screws into a metal receiver. This won’t break in five minutes – in fact I don’t believe it will break – as the velcro will wear out first. Oh yeah, almost forgot - we have a fix for that velcro too!