10-inch, 1000-grit CBN wheel—makes sharpening fast and efficient July 17 2017

Hi, Ken,

I received the new CBN 10-inch wheel to replace my water grinding stone. It works very well to sharpen plane blades and chisels. And its FAST!  Took me less time to change out my water stone for the new CBN wheel, than it did to find the right wrench.  It fit perfectly on my Tormek Grinder. 

I grabbed a vintage plane I’ve not yet sharpened, removed it, unscrewed the chip breaker. The edge allowed me to flatten the back in less than thirty seconds, removing the milling grooves and leaving a mirror finish along the edge. Then I set the blade into my planning blade jig, adjusted the distance so that the bevel laid flat on the stone, and turned on the Grinder.  Less than a minute later—the whole bevel was resurfaced with the 1000-grit stone—sharp enough to put back into the plane and try out. the whole process took only a couple minutes-for a blade that hadn’t been sharpened in a decade or longer. I grabbed a board-and started planing—and in a couple passes, was once again generating paper thin, full-width shavings peeling of the board!

I grabbed a block plane I use regularly—and popped out the plane blade, put it into the jig, sharpened the edge, and had it back in just over a minute. It took took paper thin, full width shavings!  Worked on both a soft cedar board and a hard, twisty grain figured maple board.


That will save me a lot of time—and eliminated a barrier to keeping my hand tools sharp. I don’t have to wait for a CBN wheel to become saturated with water; or use a lubricated (and messy) set of diamond stones;  there’s no mess from water dripping off the blade and no messy table to clean up and deal with; and at the end of the day-there’s no clean up and no worries about making that no water has gotten anywhere it will cause rust to start forming, either!  

I’ve used several methods over the years to sharpen plane blades and chisels from Arkansas stones with oil, to Japanese water stones, to diamond stones.  The new 10-inch, 1000-grit  CBN wheel with a one inch edge on both sides—has made the process of sharpening very fast and efficient.  The CBN wheel works a LOT faster than a water stone, without any heat build up; works better and faster. 

Thanks for selling the quality products you do.

Again, best regards…

Bill Everson

I am a Wood Turner June 10 2017

I am a Wood Turner
by Ken Rizza

The wood spins creating a blur
which becomes the canvas on which I paint;
it has no beginning or end, only limitless possibility.
No artist brushes here, only knives of steel
to create the image inside waiting to be freed.

Mystical in nature
I peel back the layers of time
that have been implanted
by all this tree has known
to all who basked in its greatness.

As its secrets are revealed to me
with each passing revolution
I have to wonder:  
what lies within it next
that will shape its final destiny?

This amazing creation by God
has helped mankind since time began;
it matters not whether it is dead or alive.
Its usefulness is unfailing as it transforms
one phase of its existence to another.

How unselfish this gift of nature is!
With little reflection
one can marvel at and appreciate this manifestation.
One could hardly list all that a tree has done for thee.

Now in my hands
it makes its final journey
as my tool’s path is guided by its inherent beauty
manifesting itself with each passing revolution.
The final outcome will have no beginning or end.
It will be so much more than when I started
as a new purpose for its existence is created.

The human element embraces and gives deeper meaning
to the tradition of a wooden vessel.
“The Bread of Life” is not complete
unless served up in family heirlooms,
cherished for generations.

It is an awesome responsibility
to be part of the cycle of life
for one of nature’s greatest gifts to mankind.

I am a Wood Turner.

Super Nova Magnetic Lathe Lamp August 26 2016

Three LEDs and a 30″ flexible neck deliver durable, excellent task lighting.

by Rob Porcaro
pg. 16

Good lighting can make a big difference in the quality of your woodworking, especially hand-tool work. Without it, there is little hope of accurately sawing to a layout line. It is also key in evaluating a surface finish and countless other tasks in the shop. So it’s a shame to see an elaborately equipped shop with nothing more than fluorescent ceiling lights illuminating the workbench.

The Super Nova lamp from WoodTurners Wonders delivers big time on all the key requirements for excellent task lighting. It was developed by turner and entrepreneur Ken Rizza for use with a lathe, but this flexible light is just as useful for general woodworking.

First, you need intensity – lots of lumens shining in the desired direction. The three LEDs in the lamp head together use just nine watts of power to generate an impressive 870 lumens, exceeding budget lamps by many times. But you needn’t worry about it overheating – the lamp head gets only a little warm, not hot to the touch, as it silently produces a pleasing, white light.

Read the full review here.

Article: Read Rob Porcaro’s article “Better Vision in the Shop.”

From the October 2016 issue, #227

This is a serious shop lamp June 17 2016

Basically, the properties of lighting are intensity, distance from source to the object, angle of incidence, and quality. The Super Nova lamp from Woodturners Wonders delivers big time on all counts. Developed by woodturner and inventive guy Ken Rizza for use with a lathe but is just as useful for general woodworking.

The Art of Sanding August 14 2015

Quite often I observe beautifully turned pieces on display, with a poor sanding job that stands out like a big red nose. In conversations I find that many consider sanding as a necessary drudgery that has to be done against their will. They haven't taken the time to learn how fast it can be done with the right approach.

How to Sharpen a Carbide Wood Lathe Tool Bit - video August 07 2015

New Website! March 01 2014

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