About product price comparisons October 16 2018

Recently we received an email accusing us of “pure sucker pitching” because of product price comparisons on our website, so we want to set the record straight.


When a customer is interested in purchasing a product, and begins to read about it on our website they may see some products have price comparisons that look too good to be true, or disproportionate. We understand customers will raise an eyebrow and begin to doubt the integrity of a store making such claims. Customers generally will not do the research themselves - so even if the comparison is accurate the customer has no basis for believing.


We understand that over the course of many years there has been a lot of research done on consumer psychology, so much that I have to admit I am weary of being played as well. We realize that consumers today are smarter than they have ever been in years gone by. We want you to know the last thing we would ever do is betray the trust of our customer base. We strive to have the best customer service in the country, we value our customers above all else, we don’t fudge.


Case in point: we have a Radius Edge CBN wheel we sell for $149.95 ($125 each if you buy a pair), but other outlets sell a comparable wheel for $220.00 for one. That’s a BIG difference, but it’s true. We want our customers to know we have high quality products, and are usually able to charge less for them than any of our competitors. We are proud to be able to do this, we want to toot our own horn and let you know.


So here’s the dilemma: Do we simply keep quiet about it? Or do we bring it to your attention with price comparisons? We’ve chosen to show price comparisons.