Hollow-ween Turning Contest!

Ken Rizza

Posted on October 08 2020

Hollow-ween Turning Contest!

We enjoyed seeing all the wonderful entries for our symposium give-away so much, we decided to hold another contest for the month of October! This month the theme is hollow form jack-o-lanterns! Let your creativity shine with this one!

Contest Rules:
  1. Entry must be a hollow form or turned box.
  2. Entry must allow light to pass from the inside to the outside through a carved pattern/design (try to make it more than just a hole, bonus points for creativity!)
  3. Entry must be lit from the inside by a candle (real or electric)
  4. One entry per person.
  5. Post your work on social media and tag either our Facebook page (facebook.com/woodturnerswonders) or our Instagram (@woodturners_wonders) in your post! We can't judge if we can't see it!

First prize gets a free Radius wheel!

2nd and 3rd get Woodturners Wonders gift cards!


Entries are due before midnight EST on 10/31! Good luck and have fun!


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