CBN Wheel 8" 4-in-1 Design, 5/8 Arbor - Pair

$ 349.95

These wheels have four features: 
1) Each wheel face is 1.25" wide for normal sharpening.
2) They have a 1/4" radius on each side for sharpening hollowing tool bits and scrapers. 
3) A total side face of 1" CBN material on both sides for non-hollow grinding of skews and scrapers!
4) There is a 9 mm 90 degree gap (about 1/3") space shoulder on the inside edge of the grinding wheel for making relief cuts or tapers on hook type scrapers or box scrapers.
These wheels are 8" in diameter and have a 5/8" arbor hole.  
Please note: You can get any combination of wheel grits at this price.