Super Nova Bright LED Machine Lamp

Super Nova - Our Brightest Magnetic Machine Lamp

$ 159.95


Energy-efficient, industrial-strength lighting provides bright illumination for up to 50,000 hours. With features like switchable magnetic bases, 9' power cords, and 30" flexible necks that stay put without sagging, these LED lamps are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, including machine shop lighting, enclosure illumination, and closeup visual inspection.

Just look at these features:

  • Magnetic base has over 200 lbs of breakaway force
  • 2. 9 watts generate over 870 lumens of white light
  • Excellent for finding fine sanding scratches
  • 30" long, stainless steel flexible neck
  • Black shroud over flex-pipe eliminates glare
  • 9' electrical cord
  • Three 3 watt hardwired bulbs project at 90 degrees 
  • Push-button switch on lamp head
  • 50,000-hour bulbs   


super nova led lamp review by Chris Ramsey

Check out the new Lamp Anchor Plate (click here) for more options to conveniently locate your lamp around the shop. Must purchase SEPARATELY!


Hi Ken, just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the supernova light. Everyone I show it two is either jealous or orders one or both. The best light I have seen yet.  –Rick Erexson 



WARRANTY - The Super Nova Lamp is covered by a 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Should your lamp fail for any reason please contact KJR Distributing at for return authorization. This warranty does not cover misuse of the lamp for purposes which it was not intended or damage caused by misuse or neglect. Management reserves the right to inspect returned lamp and at its sole discretion determine if an unwarrantable condition exists. 



This light can be used just about anywhere around the shop, not just the lathe. It lights up the areas you need lighted and you can bring in the light from angles not possible with short neck lamps - like up under a Forstner bit to get the point exactly where you want it, or right on the teeth of the bandsaw. I'll bet it would really shine (couldn't resist, lol) on a scroll saw! I love this thing.  –Caesar Simon


This is a serious shop lamp

Good lighting is one of the most under-appreciated assets for fine woodworking, especially handwork at the bench. It is a shame to see an elaborately equipped shop with nothing more than fluorescent ceiling lights illuminating the workbench.

Basically, the properties of lighting are intensity, distance from the source to the object, angle of incidence, and quality, which includes the color cast (color temperature). The Super Nova Lamp from Woodturners Wonders delivers big time on all counts. Developed by woodturner – inventive guy Ken Rizza for use with a lathe, but this lamp is just as useful for general woodworking. The three LEDs in the lamp head together use 9 watts of power to generate 870 lumens.

This is a heavy-duty lamp. The 30″ flexible stainless steel neck, covered with a black flexible, non-reflective shroud, holds its adjustment in any position. This is the key to the effectiveness of a lamp like this – the light can be adjusted to the exact location and direction desired and it stays put. The heavy rectangular base houses a switchable magnet that holds with 286 pounds of force! The base is large enough to easily accommodate a clamp to secure it to a wooden surface.

The base holds unyieldingly to a 2mm sheet steel bandsaw cover, while the neck does not sag a bit when fully extended. Wow!

Taken from an unsolicited blog post by Rob Porcaro