Weigh Safe 4" Drop

Weigh Safe 4" Drop

$ 289.00

4" Drop

This super handy invention measures tongue weight on Trailer Hitches.

Each Weigh Safe Hitch comes in four Drop Sizes: 4", 6", 8" and 10". Choose your shaft size above (2" or 2.5").  Two balls come with each hitch (2" and 2-5/16").

You might ask why a website that caters to woodturners would carry hitches for trucks. Well, in keeping with my philosophy of bringing you innovative items that will enhance what you do as a woodturner this fits the bill. This product is a lifesaver–literally. I don't know many woodturners who don't own a trailer. Recently when I moved up to a 16-foot trailer to haul my products to woodturning symposiums I had a heck of a time getting the load positioned correctly.

First I had too much weight on the hitch. Then I moved some of the weight back in the trailer to lighten the weight on the tongue. Then the trailer started to sway a little because it was too light on the hitch. When I would leave the symposium with less product than I came with the guessing game began all over again. The Weigh Safe Hitch solves that problem because it has a gauge built right into the hitch to give you the tongue weight on the truck.

Tongue weight should be about 10-15% of the trailer weight, not to exceed the vehicle's max weight. It makes it easy to load your trailer for the safest possible hauling. Believe it or not these are made in USA from the same super strong 6061 Aluminum our CBN wheels are made from. The fit and finish are almost a work of art.

Check out the videos: Tongue Weight Measurement

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The engineering behind the Weigh Safe