Ultimate Hex Sanding Bundle

Ultimate Hex Sanding Bundle

$ 44.95

Introducing our most customizable and versatile hex shank bundle yet! With 3 different lengths of shafts and two different sizes of backer pads, you can customize this kit to be exactly what you need to sand any project! 

This is a great addition to our customers who already have the Ultimate Sanding Kit.  It will enable you to reach into deeper vessels than you were able to do before as well as add some extra backers to your sanding arsenal.   


This bundle includes:

  • 3", 4". and 6" Hex Shanks with nuts
  •  2" Roloc Mandrel
  • 3" Roloc Mandrel
  • 2" Roloc Backer Pads x3
  • 3"Roloc Backer Pads x3