Rikon 1/2 HP Grinder + 2 Spartan Wheels

$ 339.95

Lower Grit
Higher Grit - CHOOSE FIRST

We now sell the same 1/2 hp grinder you see in our videos and demo stations. They come without guards or tool rests. They're brand new and carry the Rikon 5-year warranty. We've found them to be reliable, and they work well with our CBN wheels. Check out our package deals on the Rikon Grinder page. Our wheels are such a good value that getting a grinder with wheels still costs less than most places charge for wheels alone! 

Spartan Wheels: 

WOW – Talk about a breakthrough!  We did some serious negotiating which resulted in a giant leap improvement of our 8" Aluminum Spartan CBN wheels. They are the same size as the original nylon wheel;  8" x 1" with 5/8" arbor, BUT they are made of our famous SOLID 6061 aluminum AND they have about 1/4" of grit down both sides! These 1" wide wheels are some of the best around!

Shipping: $45 continental USA. Any and all free shipping offers do not apply to grinders. Our grinders are shipped UPS/Fed Ex/USPS ground with a signature required for your protection. IF FOR SOME REASON YOU DO NOT WANT A SIGNATURE REQUIRED ON DELIVERY – PLEASE LET US KNOW AT THE TIME YOU ORDER. WoodTurners Wonders will not be responsible for lost or NO Show deliveries on orders not requiring a delivery signature.  THANK YOU. 
Please note: Guards or tool rests DO NOT come with the grinder as most wheels are too wide, and it's assumed the user will utilize their own tool holding jigs with this setup. As with all power equipment caution should be taken by the experienced operator. The operator assumes all risks. Please read the instructions and caution sheet in the box on the reverse side of the lifetime warranty.  Thanks.