Purple Power Super 16 Pack 2" and 3" Sanding Discs- 25 each grit

$ 45.00

400 PURPLE Power Sanding Discs for just $45

 - 8 grits in 2" and 8 grits in 3" packages of 25

Hook and loop sanding discs. These discs not only have coated aluminum oxide, but also have ceramic particles mixed in making them extra durable and long lasting! Notice how uniform the abrasive is applied to the tear resistant latex backed paper. I have been using these myself and really like them. Know what the best part is? I can sell them for the same great price I was selling the old ones for! ENJOY!

 These discs do a good job and hold up very well. Do I think they are as good as the "premium" brands that cost around 50 cents apiece? I would say the playing field just got leveled because these discs are one-fifth the cost. With this deal you get one 25-count package of each grit, in both 2" and 3" sizes, that's 16 packages in all, and a whopping 400 sanding discs for just $45. 

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