New Aluminum Spartan 8" CBN Wheel Combos

$ 189.90

WOW – Talk about a breakthrough!  We did some serious negotiating which resulted in a giant leap improvement of our 8-inch Aluminum Spartan CBN wheels. They are the same size as the original nylon wheel;  8" x 1" with 5/8" arbor, BUT they are made of our famous SOLID 6061 aluminum AND they have about 1/4" of grit down both sides! HERE'S THE BEST PART–They are still $99.95! This is a Game Changer AGAIN!


Look at the photos of these beautiful wheels. See the reflection of one wheel in the other?  The finish on these wheels is that good. You will not find another wheel on the market at this price or that looks this good. The quality is second to none and they carry our exclusive lifetime warranty. They also come in more grits: 80, 180, 220, 350, 600, 1000. Guaranteed for life to keep their shape, stay in balance, and the CBN will not wear off.  Whats not to like?