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Hold Fast No-Lock Spindle Washer

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Size: 1.00" ID

Are you tired of dealing with faceplates or chucks that become so firmly locked onto your lathe spindle that removing them requires excessive force and creativity? If you've used a lathe before, the answer is likely a resounding yes. But fear not, we have a simple, affordable, and highly effective solution: No-Lock Lathe Spindle Washers.

Made of plastic, these washers are designed to slip onto your spindle nose before installing your chuck or faceplate as usual. Once tightened to your desired level of firmness, removing the accessory is a breeze, requiring no more effort than it took to install it.

Choose your preferred size from the drop-down list and say goodbye to the frustration and hassle of dealing with stuck chucks or faceplates. Invest in No-Lock Lathe Spindle Washers today and experience the ease and convenience of effortless accessory removal.