4-in-1 + Mega Square 6" CBN Wheel Pair, 1/2" Arbor

$ 349.95

Mega Square

These 6" wheels are for our turning friends with smaller grinders. They are made with the same profile as our 8" 4-in-1 and Mega Square wheels.

The 6 inch 4-in-1 wheel has a 1.25" front face with a .25" radius edge, and the side faces are a full 1-inch of CBN material. The inside edge of the wheel has a 9mm, 90 degree gap (about 1/3") space shoulder for making relief cuts or tapers on hook type scrapers or box scrapers. This wheel is constructed from 6061 solid aluminum.

Our Mega Square wheel offers more flat area on both the surface and sides than any of our other wheels. The wheel edge is covered with CBN material and is a full 1.5" wide. The side faces are a full 1" of CBN material!

Wheels are 6" diameter, with 1/2" arbor hole.