CA Glue Tips

$ 3.95

In keeping with our philosophy that if we can't bring you a product to enhance your turning experience or save you money, then you won't see it on this website - here's another money saver. These glue tips are very handy when you need a narrow stream of glue to fix a crack or to repair a bottle tip that's been cut back too much. You see these on other woodturning supplier websites for about $4.95 for five of them. These are 2" long and reinforced at the bottom, and should fit over most brands of CA bottles out there. Well, if you buy about a million of them you get a pretty good deal. LOL We're able to offer you 50 for only $3.95! Yep - you read it right. 50 FOR $3.95.  The bottle of glue shown for illustrative purposes only and is not included.


  1. Fifty (50) CA Bottle Glue Tips