CBN Credit Card Hone SALE

$ 14.95 $ 19.50

When Ordering: Step 1 - Choose quantity - Step 2 - Choose desired grits - if ordering 1 hone choose a 2 grit option, if ordering 2 hones be sure to select 4 grits. Each hone comes in two grit combos: 180/220 and 350/600.


Our New CBN Credit Card Hones are thinner than before and just what the doctor ordered to touch up your tools while turning. We have two kinds:  One has 180 grit on one side and 220 grit on the other. The other one has 350 grit on one side and 600 grit on the other. The grit number is embossed in the corner so you will know which side is which. In addition we've added a small punch hole in the corner so if you want to you can string them together on a keychain, or hang them around your neck so you won't go crazy looking for where you laid them down later on (we never do that do we?) If you do hang them around your neck make sure you tuck them inside your smock or shirt because you don't want anything hanging off your neck while in front of the lathe!  That could be a disaster!  They also come in their own plastic pouch so you can hang on to them that way. These are great hones and priced right like all our products.