CBN Discs for Work Sharp - Set of 3

$ 150.00

These CBN Discs fit the Work Sharp Woodworking Tool Sharpener WS-3000. Each Disc is two-sided, giving you two different grits in one. 


  • Flat surface
  • Diameter: 5 and 13/16"
  • 1/4" thick
  • 1/2" arbor

CBN Discs for Work Sharp come in three grit combinations:

  • 80/180
  • 350/600
  • 800/1200

1.) Try to avoid softer steel used in older tools. If Softer steels are used we suggest using the Wonder Slick Stick to avoid loading and used for cleaning.
2.) Softer metals will start to load up the discs which means particles of softer steel will begin to embed in between the pores of the CBN grit and start to glaze the disc over. Sometimes this will happen over a wide area gradually or it could start a single narrow ring if a tool is held a certain way. This is more likely to happen on the higher grit discs because the pores are smaller and closer together.
3.) The grain on these discs is half embedded in nickel alloy and half sticking up. The grain is especially small on the higher grit discs and is susceptible to being "gouged" if a very sharp pointed object is pushed into it. Make sure any tool you insert from below or above is square to the disc with bevel presentation first otherwise you risk scoring the disc. This is especially true with the 800/1200 disc. This is NOT covered under the lifetime warranty of the grit not coming off as it is rather a misuse of the disc.