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Constellation Lamp: 

Introducing the newest lamp in our line of the finest woodturning lamps on the market today. We call it the Constellation because like a cluster of stars, this bright lamp has 50 LEDs producing about 500 lumens of clear light. Color temp is about 6500. This lamp has a massive clamp instead of a magnet. Unlike a lot of cheaper clamp lights, this clamp covers the entire base, a full 2-1/2 inches square, making it very stable.

Beacon Lamp. Our Beacon Lamp is a great lamp with lots of improvements. It’s now more powerful and compact that the original Beacon. Instead of having one 3w LED this has three 1w LEDs giving it about 80 more lumens (a total of 250 lumens) of brightness and a better, wider spread of light. In addition, the flex pipe is now electroplated stainless steel and covered with a black shroud for protection and to eliminate glare–just like its big brother the Super Nova.

The on/off magnet switch is aluminum and has a faceplate making it tougher, and giving it a longer life. It has a 132-pound breakaway force so it won't come off when mounted to a solid piece of steel. The 30+ inch neck will reach and stay exactly where you put it (Note: the picture where it's sticking 180-degrees straight out from a Powermatic's headstock with 0 deflection). You will love this lamp! Quantity Discounts for club pricing. Please call to order. 

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