Free Hand 8" CBN Wheel

Free Hand 8" CBN Wheel

$ 239.95

This specialized wheel has been tested by many professional woodturners who like to free hand grind their gouges in order to obtain that perfect spoon shaped bevel.  The 3/4 inch radiused U shape will enable the user to work up and down the insides of this wheel  in order to achieve this.  The radiused edges of these wheels can be used for other grinding applications as well.  The flat slides of these wheels can be used to do non-hollow grinding on other tools such as skews.  For less experienced turners we suggest turning your grinder around so the wheel runs upwards and as always use caution when using this as well as other sharpening wheels.  

Grit: Currently only stocked in 180 grit

Diameter: 8"

Overall Width: 1.75"

U-shaped gap width: 1"

Side Grit: 1"

Arbor size: 5/8"

Radius: 3/4 inch radius.  1/4 inch raised radius on one side and 1/2 inch raised radius on the other side.