Lathe Track Rack System with Accu-depth Bowl Gauge

$ 79.95 $ 89.95

Never make a funnel again! I have to admit–I am no exception, there have been times when I didn't judge my bowl bottom quite right, and I couldn't get a caliper in there because the jaws were in the way. Lo and behold daylight would appear at the bottom of my bowl presenting an unwanted creative opportunity. You know what I mean! How about a new contrasting wood bottom for the bowl when all you wanted to do was finish the darn thing. Well this product will allow you to avoid that from ever happening again–and it’s so simple to use. Watch the video and you will see. Affordable and easy to mount. 


What's in the box:  The Track Rack Bracket with two galvanized threaded clamps, the Control Arm Assembly for the Accu-depth Gauge and the Accu-depth Gauge Measuring Rod with spring clip stop + Instruction Sheet 



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