CBN Lathe Mandrel

$ 39.95

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a 1, 2, or 3 horse grinder? A grinder that (depending on your lathe) you can slow down to 50 rpms to eliminate mistakes because the wheel is turning too fast, or speed up to get the exact grind you'd like? How about a grinder that you can put in reverse at any speed like a Tormek? Maybe you'd like to sharpen in reverse so you can freehand grind gauges at will to get that perfect angle or special burr? Maybe you travel, or maybe you're a demonstrator and would like the ability to sharpen your tools the way you like while on the road. Perhaps you want an absolute non-hollow grind for your scrapers or skews, and the ability to raise a scary sharp burr off the side of the wheel. Well now you can.

Introducing our CBN Wheel Lathe Mandrel. This #2 Morse Taper is machined to protrude from the headstock about 3", with a machine stop, and 5/8" or 1/2" arbor with threaded shaft and nut. Simply mount your wheel, snug the nut, and insert the tailstock point into the dimple on the shaft (wheel not included). You're then ready to have an exceptional sharpening experience. The 5/8" arbor is designed to fit our 8" wheels but they can be used for lots of applications like buffers and sanding discs. The 1/2" arbor is for our 6" wheels.