Brazilian Walnut Planks

$ 16.00 $ 45.00

Planks CLOSEOUT - $2 per foot - 4 pieces - 8' total = $16
Sold Out of Squares 
I recently obtained a limited supply of reclaimed Brazilian Walnut. I originally thought it was Wenge but it's not. This wood is over 30 years old. I was offering it for sale in two sizes. One size was 5.25" x 5.25" x 12" long turning square but we are sold out on that.  Still available  are  planks that are about 1.25" thick x 4.5" wide and 2' long. The planks have 1/4" flutes on one side – the flutes are not counted in the measurement because most turners will remove or plane it off.

The wood turns nicely and is a deep rich brown with some black streaks. Please take a look at the photo of the urn I made for my friend's dog Duke. It has 3 coats of Minwax Antique Oil. The base and ring around the finial is the Brazilian Walnut. I've packaged the wood for the most economical shipping. There are two large flat rate box sizes and the cost for shipping each one is $16.85. One box holds  4 pieces of the 2' long planks (total of 8 feet).  This wood is priced to sell and is way below market value.​
​Pictures here are representative of the wood I'm offering and not the actual pieces as that has been cut up and prepackaged. Care has been taken to use only the best pieces, but there may be some small checking or a nail hole or two in a few of the pieces.  
Price of one pkg Planks (4 pieces, 2' each) is $16.00 + shipping