Sundstrom Pandemic Flu Respirator Kit, SR100

Sundstrom Pandemic Flu Respirator Kit, SR100

$ 68.20


Important information form Sundstrom regarding filter use: 

• Change the pre-filter SR 221 at least every 7 days.
• Change particle filter SR 510 (P100) after 18 months or sooner if there is any concern regarding physical damage, hygiene (dirt, soil) or increased breathing resistance.  

Pandemic Flu SR100 Respirator Kit

  • Size: M/L  (fits most faces), S/M , and L/XL available
  • Non-allergenic, FDA approved Silicone respirator
  • superior face seal means a very high protection factor
  • Easily adjustable V-shaped elastic head harness with a large crown plate
  • Unique inhalation and double exhalation valve design provides one-half the breathing resistance of competitive respirators. This means easier breathing and greater respirator compliance.
  • Extra large 201 square inch P100 filter area provides an extremely low breathing resistance, high air flow, and extended filter life
  • High-efficiency P100 particulate filter offers TEN TIMES more filter effectiveness than required by NIOSH. Each filter is tested for 99.997% filter efficiency.
  • For very small particles such as bacteria and viruses and prefilter for coarse particles.
  • NIOSH approved
  • Easily fit tested and fit checked

Kit includes:

  • (1) SR100 M/L respirator half-mask
  • (1) SR510 P100 particulate filter
  • (80) SR221 prefilters
  • (1) Prefilter holder
  • SR5226 cleaning wipe
  • SR368 ID tag in an easy carry storage box