Super Premium Random Orbital Sander (PROS) Mini + Ultimate 2" and 3" Sanding Kit, Snubber Hose Bundle

$ 195.95

It's no secret that Random Orbital Sanding leaves the best finish with fewer scratches on your work than conventional sanding. 

The main differences between the PROS - Premium Random

Pneumatic Orbital Sander compared to our original model are as follows: 

-Original orbital sander has a tough housing made of high-impact plastic

-The PROS model has an aluminum body

-The PROS is pneumatic and requires 3CFMs at 90 PSI

-The PROS model turbine works more efficiently and has better bearings and airflow which means it will easily drive our new 5” and 6” discs a well as the 1”, 2”, and 3” discs that we carry.

-The Biggest Feature of the PROS unit is that it has a full 5mm orbit (twice the 2.5 mm orbit of our original unit). This means more sanding action and quicker results for your efforts.

-The PROS Unit comes with all adapters like our original sander which enables use with all our sanding backer pads.   


What's more we provide adaptors with this sander that will give you the ability to use it with all of our sanding backer pads. 

The stock sanding pad that comes with the unit is a firm 3" hook and loop pad that screws into a 5/16-24 thread. The adaptor we provide has the 5/16-24 thread on one side and 1/4-20 on the other which fits our Ultimate Sanding System. Also included is a spanner wrench for removing the sanding pad. You will need to add the quick disconnect fitting that matches your air system.

Checkout our other combinations offerings of this product. Important: Remember to use air tool oil with daily use. Requires about 90 psi and 3-4 cfm. One year warranty. 

The Super Premium Orbital Sander (PROS) Mini + Ultimate Sanding Kit includes the following:

The PROS Mini - Variable Speed
  • PROS Mini variable speed random orbital sander
  • Spanner wrench
  • One 3" firm hook and loop backed Sanding Pad Holder
  • Adaptor for converting 5/16-24 female to 1/4 x 20 male

Ultimate 2" and 3" Sanding Kit

  • One 2" Roloc Mandrel with stem (stem provided if you want to use it with your drill)
  • One 3" Roloc Mandrel with stem (stem provided if you want to use it with your drill) 
  • Five 3" Roloc backer pads
  • Five 2" Roloc backer pads
  • Five 3" 10mm thick intermittent pads
  • Five 2" 10mm thick intermittent pads
  • Five 3" adhesive backed molded hook and loop repair discs
  • Five 2" adhesive backed molded hook and loop repair discs
One (1) snubber hose

    Random Orbital Sander Instruction Sheet (download pdf)