Ultimate 2" and 3" Sanding Kit + Hex Shanks Set!

$ 65.00

+ 3", 4", 6" Hex Shanks Set - regular $11.88

Ultimate Sanding Kit Regular $59.95

  • Five 3-inch and (5) 2-inch sanding pad holders  - These have velcro hooks on the bottom for attaching the sandpaper.         
  • Five 3-inch and (5) 2-inch intermittent soft sanding pad holders - 10mm soft sanding pad holders. One side has velcro hook and the other side has velcro loop. It attaches to the sanding pad holder and then the sanding pad goes on top of that for a softer pad enabling you to get into deeper contours.            
  • One 3-inch and one (1) 2-inch Roloc sanding pad stem (or mandrel). These are at either end of the middle row next to the intermittent pads. These mount in your drill and the sanding pad holders twist on and off when changing grits. 
  • Five 3-inch and (5) 2-inch Velcro repair discs. If you ever wear out a sanding pad holder's Velcro you can peel the paper off the back to expose industrial grade adhesive, and apply it to the sanding pad holder for a new Velcro back.  





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