High Quality WoodTurning Products — Great Low Prices

Much of what you’ll find on this website was born out of frustration—CBN wheels, lamps and sanding supplies. It takes a woodturner to understand a woodturner's needs. I got real tired of putting new light bulbs in a lamp that had a short neck, and weak magnet that kept falling off the lathe. Every time it fell, the element would break and I had to replace the bulb. That frustration spawned our “Beacon” model lamp with switchable magnet, 30-inch neck and a 50,000-hour bulb. We’ve sold hundreds of these lamps and now people all over the world can see a whole lot better and enjoy their turning experience more. The Beacon led to the “Aurora” model and the rest as they say is history. Every product you see here has evolved because of a need that was realized, or because I found a less expensive way to offer a better value, otherwise—we simply won’t carry it. Feel free to call for special club pricing on multiple unit purchases.

WoodTurning Products On Sale: 

CBN Wheels—CBN or Cubic Boron Nitride has been around for a while but woodturners as a whole seem to be just catching on to this fantastic way of sharpening your high speed, steel turning tools. It's very similar to synthetic diamonds but its characteristics make it better than diamonds for sharpening steel.

No more stone dust to breath, no more truing and balancing stone wheels and no more readjusting your setup tools to compensate for an ever shrinking stone wheel. The problem in the past (and still now with most other sellers) is they are too damned expensive. Well, in keeping with my philosophy of making things better or more affordable, I was able to do both when it comes to CBN wheels. 

All my CBN wheels have a radius edge - the brainchild of David Ellsworth - for sharpening small ¼ square hollowing bits instead of plain edges. This alone would cost a premium elsewhere with a price north of $220 for one wheel plus the cost of a bushing. Well, my volume buying, low overhead, fair margins, and high inventory turns allow me to sell TWO WHEELS FOR ABOUT THE PRICE YOU WOULD PAY FOR ONE anywhere else. Please also checkout my innovative 4-in-1 wheel where you can have it all for a few dollars more. These are not some cheap bonded wheels. These are highly machined 6061 aluminum wheels that are electroplated with nickel alloy. It is by far the best way to manufacture a CBN wheel.

What’s more, we offer a lifetime warranty on these wheels, and one is included in every box. What’s more, if you have a need for a special grinding wheel, we can make it for you and in most cases there is no additional charge. Give us a call — we'll be glad to help. 



Sanding Kits and Supplies

I have in the past paid $6.95 or more for a sanding pad holder that was totally plastic. The stem was plastic, the base was plastic and it was glued to a cheap piece of foam with a Velcro back. I am not exaggerating when I tell you it didn’t last 5 minutes in the bowl I was sanding. I have also paid $21.00 for a pretty decent sanding pad holder but almost cried when the Velcro gave up. I knew there was a better way.

My first choice - I highly suggest taking a hard look at the Ultimate Sanding Kit. These pieces were spawned from the automotive industry and sheet metal work. If you are not familiar with the term Roloc connector, you soon will be because it is tough as nails and almost non-breakable. Read the whole explanation on the Ultimate Kit and you will see what an exceptional value it is. It’s like having 10 of those $21.00 holders for a fraction of the cost.

If the Ultimate System doesn’t meet your fancy we have some heavy duty conventional style 2 and 3-inch sanding pad holders that are very rugged. The foam is wrapped around the base, the stem is metal and it screws into a metal receiver. This won’t break in five minutes. In fact I don’t think it will break as the Velcro will wear out first. Oh – yeah - almost forgot - we have a fix for that Velcro too!



Our philosophy: If we can’t bring you a good product to enhance your turning experience or save you money—you won’t see it on this website.