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Quasar LED lamp from WoodTurners WondersAccording to internet research "Quasars are among the brightest, oldest, and most powerful objects in the universe. Powered by massive black holes at the center of most known galaxies, quasars can emit enormous amounts of energy, up to a thousand times the total output of the hundreds of billions of stars in our entire Milky Way."


These are the best LED machine lamps around! super nova review by Chris RamseyI got real tired of putting new light bulbs in a lamp with a short neck and weak magnet that kept falling off my lathe. Every time it fell, the bulb element would break and I would need to replace the bulb. That spawned the idea for our “Beacon” model lamp with switchable magnet, 30" neck, and a 50,000 hour bulb. We have sold hundreds of these lamps and now people all over the world can see a whole lot better, and enjoy their woodturning experience more. The Beacon led to the “Aurora” model and the rest as they say - is history.

Our lamps are durable, high-quality, LED energy efficient lighting. They provide bright illumination for up to 50,000 hours. Heavy duty construction and switchable magnetic bases make make our lamps ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, including machine lighting, enclosure illumination and closeup visual inspection.

Every product you see on this website has evolved because of a need that was realized, or because it can be brought to you at a better value than what's already out there, otherwise we simple won’t carry it. Our quest is to bring you items which will broaden your horizons and enhance your turning experience. Check out the Reviews and please write one yourself should you purchase one of these awesome machine/utility shop lamps.

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Ken, Received the replacement lamp. Thank you. Every opportunity I've had to make a purchase or if I've just had a question you've always responded quickly. You know how to run a tight ship. It is noteworthy in this day and age. No excuses, no delays. You run an operation with style and efficiency. You are a credit to your company. But more importantly you are credit to yourself. I look forward to more orders in the future. Keep up the exemplary work. It is much appreciated.Cordially, –Bern Primosch


Hi Ken, just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the super nova light. Everyone I show it to is either jealous or orders one or both. The best light I've seen yet. –Rick Erexson 



Hi, just a short note to let you know how incredibly pleased I am with the Super Nova Lamp I just got from you folks. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant in paying a premium price for what was touted to be a premium light, but in the end, I am so glad I bit the bullet and did it! The quality is second to none that I've seen with the brightness of the light, the magnetic base and the flexible arm that really stays where it's put. 

No buyer's remorse here on the Super Nova light or the CBN wheels I purchased as well. It's nice to find a company that isn't just interested in offering any old product that may work but in ones that truly provide value for the price paid. Thank you for providing high quality products. Best wishes on your continued success! 
-John Massaro, Surprise, AZ



I am very, very pleased with the lamps your shipped me. I am a retired Federal Agent for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service and now turn wood almost daily and your lamp will come in extremely handy and really light up any scratch marks I may have left after sanding and polishing. Thank you and WOODTURNERS WONDERS so very much!
Sincerely, -The Woodturner of Los Altos, Ken McCloud

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