Super Nova Magnetic Lathe Lamp

Three LEDs and a 30″ flexible neck deliver durable, excellent task lighting.

by Rob Porcaro
pg. 16

Good lighting can make a big difference in the quality of your woodworking, especially hand-tool work. Without it, there is little hope of accurately sawing to a layout line. It is also key in evaluating a surface finish and countless other tasks in the shop. So it’s a shame to see an elaborately equipped shop with nothing more than fluorescent ceiling lights illuminating the workbench.

The Super Nova lamp from WoodTurners Wonders delivers big time on all the key requirements for excellent task lighting. It was developed by turner and entrepreneur Ken Rizza for use with a lathe, but this flexible light is just as useful for general woodworking.

First, you need intensity – lots of lumens shining in the desired direction. The three LEDs in the lamp head together use just nine watts of power to generate an impressive 870 lumens, exceeding budget lamps by many times. But you needn’t worry about it overheating – the lamp head gets only a little warm, not hot to the touch, as it silently produces a pleasing, white light.

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Article: Read Rob Porcaro’s article “Better Vision in the Shop.”

From the October 2016 issue, #227


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