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CBN Grinding Wheels: 

CBN grinding wheels, 8-inch radius, WoodTurners Wonders—CBN or Cubic Boron Nitride has been around for a while but woodturners and woodworkers as a whole seem to be just catching onto this fantastic way of sharpening your high-speed, steel turning tools. CBN is very similar to synthetic diamonds but its characteristics make it better than diamonds for sharpening steel.

No more stone dust to breathe, no more truing and balancing stone wheels, and no more readjusting your setup tools to compensate for an ever shrinking stone wheel. The problem in the past (and now with most other vendors) is they are too damned expensive. Well, in keeping with my philosophy of making woodturning products better or more affordable, I was able to do both when it comes to CBN wheels. My CBN wheels have a radius edge - the brainchild of David Ellsworth - for sharpening small ¼ square hollowing bits instead of plain edges. This alone would cost a premium elsewhere with a price north of $220 for one wheel, plus the cost of a bushing.


What’s more, if you have a need for a special grinding wheel, we can make it for you, and in most cases there is no additional charge. Give us a call — we'll be glad to help. ~Ken


For in-depth comparison of old style grinding to cbn grinding - watch this Stumpy Nubs video:  stumpy nubs cbn wheel comparisonHow I changed my bench grinder forever with CBN wheels!


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Hi Ken, Just a note of thanks.

I have 40 years experience in woodworking and cabinet making. Now  I've been turning for several years and never realized how poorly my tools were sharpened. I was generally happy with the results I got, but now I can see that I was operating under a misconception. 

I can hardly believe how well the same tools cut now that they're properly sharpened.

This was an investment for a retired individual with a hobby, but a truly pleasant surprise. A real game changer. I would and will recommend your products and service to anyone. –Bob


Learn about CBN Wheel Grit Options:


The Wonder Weave Pro Net Sanding Discs

Wonder Weave Pro Net Sanding DiscsWe are excited to tell you about our brand NEW product: The world’s most innovative sanding disc - Wonder Weave Pro Net. I like to call it our "Abranet" killer because it's mesh like the "other" popular abrasive BUT it's a fraction of the cost! In keeping with our mission of bringing you innovative products at affordable prices Woodturners Wonders is pleased to be able to offer you this premium product.


While Abranet typically sells for upward of .50 to .86 cents per piece our comparable product sells for as little as .11 cents for the 2" disc and .20 cents for the 3" disc. The mesh is non loading in both wet and dry wood and is easy to clean with a blow gun. The special White Fused Aluminum Oxide is sharp, cuts really well, and will tolerate high temperatures. The velcro hook material is tightly bonded and will take a lot of abuse.  

It takes a woodturner to understand a woodturner's needs. Every product I offer has evolved because of a need that was realized, or because I found a less expensive way to offer a better value, otherwise—I simply won’t carry it. I am happy to offer my customers high-quality woodturning products at great low prices. Feel free to call for special club pricing on multiple unit purchases. –Ken


Sanding Kits and Sanding Supplies


I highly suggest taking a good look at the Ultimate Sanding Kit. The Ultimate 3" Sanding KitThe idea for these pieces was spawned from the automotive and sheet metal industries. If you're not familiar with the term Roloc connector, you should be because it's as tough as nails and almost non-breakable. Read the whole explanation on the Ultimate Kit and you will see what an exceptional value it is. It’s like having 10 of those $21.00 holders for a fraction of the cost.

If The Ultimate Sanding System doesn’t meet your fancy we have some heavy duty conventional style 2 and 3-inch sanding pad holders that are very rugged. The foam is wrapped around the base, the stem is metal and it screws into a metal receiver. These won’t break in five minutes. In fact I don’t think they will break as the Velcro will wear out first. Oh yeah – almost forgot – we have a fix for that Velcro too! ~Ken


Hi Ken, It was a pleasure meeting you at Totally Turning. I knew before I went that I would be purchasing your CBN wheels and Ultimate Sanding Kit. I appreciate your advice about what grit to get for the fine wheel and I'm glad that I got the 350! The wheels run absolutely true and do an amazing job.

Thanks! God bless


Hi Ken. Thanks for your note.  You had me as a repeat customer with your customer service on my first order. You switched the CBN wheel for me on my Rikon grinder order after I had already placed the order and then changed my mind.  That kind of customer service is so unusual today.  I knew right away that you were a good business to deal with.

Best Regards, 
Carl Dorsch




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