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Ken Rizza, founder of woodTurnersWonders.comMy name is Ken Rizza and I am woodturner. Like a lot of woodturners, we didn’t start out that way. Most of us start out doing flat work and if we're lucky enough we discover woodturning. I've also been a home mortgage loan consultant for the last 22 years. In order to survive in that industry service, results, and integrity are a must. It's that philosophy that I carry into what I'm doing here with WoodTurners Wonders. I know how to take care of my customers and know you will like doing business with me.

I have always been creative and a frustrated inventor. My neighbors call me MacGyver. For those of you not old enough to know who that is, it was a television program that ran from 1985 to 1992 about a resourceful guy who was able to solve complex problems with everyday materials. I recently turned a hoisting pulley for the top of a mast on my neighbor’s catamaran using his wife’s polypropylene cutting board. She wasn’t really happy until she realized I saved her husband $160 for new one from the dealer. I've been published a couple of times in the AAW magazine with Tips, one was an article using a CPAP machine on a mask for protection and dust control. Another article I did was a neat jig I came up with for making perfectly round bowl blanks on your bandsaw. You can read these article by clicking the links above.

"Every business needs a focus. It’s called a mission statement. It defines who you are and what you are all about. My mission for WoodTurners Wonders is: To enhance the WoodTurners experience by providing Innovative and competitively priced cbn grinding wheels, bright magnetic lamps, sanding supplies and unique tools.”

Much of what you will see on this website was born out of frustration. It takes a woodturner to understand what a woodturner needs. I got real tired of putting new light bulbs in a lamp that had a short neck and poor magnet that kept falling off the lathe. Every time it did, the bulb element would break and I needed another bulb. That spawned the idea for our “Beacon” model lamp with switchable magnet, 30-inch neck and a 50,000 hour bulb. We have sold hundreds of them to people all over the world who can now see a whole lot better and enjoy the turning experience more.

 The Beacon led to the “Aurora” model and the rest as they say - is history. Every product you see here has evolved because of a need that was realized or because it can be brought to you at a better value, otherwise we simple don’t carry it. Our quest is to continue to bring you items which will widen your horizons and enhance your turning experience. Feel free to call me for special club pricing on multiple unit purchases.

Happy Turning,
Ken Rizza

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