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New Customer Service Hours: 10am-5pm Central Time. Reach us at 678-400-8181.
New Customer Service Hours: 10am-5pm Central Time. Reach us at 678-400-8181.
Ultimate Sanding Kit Best Practices

Ultimate Sanding Kit Best Practices

Has this ever happened to you?

You stick a sanding disk on your hook and loop holder and before you know it, it goes flying off into a pile of wood chips or gets sucked into your dust vacuum system. You put it on again (if you can even find it) and the darn thing just flies right off again! You've come to the sad realization that the Velcro part on your sanding holder has finally worn down to the point where it won't hold any longer.

With our versatile Roloc system, that problem is a thing of the past!

Roloc Sanding Pad Holders

With our Roloc system, you don't rip sanding disks on and off of the same holder. Instead, just twist on and off a new holder on the same mandrel stem.

That way, you can keep the same sandpaper on the holder until the paper is no longer any good. We recommend writing the grit you have on the side of the holder with a permanent marker, so that when you are done with one grit you can just unscrew it from the stem and twist on the next one!

If you need extra organization for your system, try screwing your holders into a piece of peg board. If necessary, enlarge the holes a bit and label the grit for each one underneath as shown.

Plus, if you need to do some hand sanding, just use the holders without the stem. They are easy to grip and can fit into tight spaces. With just a twist of the wrist, you have a compact hand sander with all the grits you need.

Intermittent Pads

Sometimes, you need to get into some tighter curves in smaller bowls but the holder just isn't flexible enough. That's where our 10mm Intermittent Pads come in! Just attach this small pad between the holder and the paper, as shown, and now you have added flexibility and extra softness for those tight curves. 

Roloc with Intermittent Pad

If you need even more flexibility, all our mandrel stems and holders are interchangeable. For example, you can use a 3" holder on a 2" stem, providing some more flex.

Repair Disks

 Unfortunately, no matter how tough these Roloc holders are, they don't last forever. Luckily for you, these holders are extremely easy to repair with our Sanding Pad Repair Disks! These disks have a hook and loop backing on one side, and industrial grade adhesive on the other. Simply take off the old hook and loop backing from your holder (we recommend using a belt sander for this) and stick the new one in its place. No need to buy a whole new holder!

Check out the rest of our Ultimate Sanding System here!

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