Tornado Jr. 8" CBN Wheel - 12 mm Arbor

Tornado Jr. 8" CBN Wheel - 12 mm Arbor

$ 179.95


Introducing the newest addition to our line of Tormek-Style CBN wheels, The Tornado Jr. Designed to run on grinders that require a 12 mm arbor, the Tornado Jr. will fit well with the Tormek T-4 because of it's 8 inch diameter and 1.5 inch width. It also offers 1 inch of usable flat area with CBN down on both sides beside the edge surface, similar to our popular Mega Square wheel design. This is great for non-hollow grind applications like sharpening skews or flattening the back of chisels. Because we use 6061 Aluminum, this beast of a wheel only weighs in at 4 lbs, 10 oz.  In addition, 6061 is a great heat sink where 70% of heat generated by sharpening goes into the wheel, making water unnecessary.  

**CBN wheels CAN run in water ONLY if dried very well immediately after use or a corrosion resistant material is used. WATER CAN CAUSE CORROSION. Use of these wheels in water can void lifetime warranty if not properly cared for when used wet. 

We presently stock these wheels in 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, and 1200 grits only.  

  • Wheel size = 8" x 1.5"
  • 12 mm arbor
  • Fits Tormek-style grinders (T-4 models)
  • 1 inch CBN electroplated down both sides of wheel. 
  • Constructed of 1 solid piece of machined 6061 Aluminum and electroplated with nickel alloy
  • Not for use with water unless done as described above. 

What does this Lifetime Warranty cover?

  • Your CBN wheel will not warp, twist or have run out - which might cause it to become unbalanced or render it unusable. 
  • The CBN material and the electroplating of the CBN abrasive material will not peel, chip, crack, come off or rub off during normal use which would render the wheel unusable.
  • If returned wheel shows signs of corrosion due to improper use in water warranty will be void. 
  • Any wheel being returned for warranty purposes will be shipped at the owner’s expense. Replacements are at the sole discretion of the management at WoodTurners Wonders. Return postage for any new replacement wheel shall also be the responsibility of the owner of the returned wheel. Warranty is null and void if the wheels are not used for the purpose in which they are intended, such determination shall be at the sole discretion of WoodTurners Wonders.


KJR Distributing LLC dba WoodTurners Wonders assumes no risk of usage on these wheels, and shall not be liable for any damages whether direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential in connection with these products.