Remover-Smoother Green Discs - 1" pkg of 25

Remover-Smoother Green Discs - 1" pkg of 25

$ 3.15


These premium discs come in over-sized 1” (1.75”), over-sized 2” (2.375”), and over-sized 3” (3.375”) – grits up to 800. These NEW Remover-Smoother discs have a Mylar backing which makes them tear resistant, and they can be used wet or dry. The adhesive is applied electro-statically which makes for a nice even aluminum oxide coating.

We think you’ll like these discs a lot. The hardest decision will be which of our 3 great sanding disc products to keep in your shop. Purple Power, Wonder Weave or Remover-Smoother Green Discs. Why not try them all and see what suits you best? Available Grits:  60, 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400, 600, 800.


Here are the features:

  • Aluminum Oxide grain
  • Resin over Resin bonding
  • Long lasting with excellent durability for contour sanding without folding
  • Mylar film construction is much more durable than paper and will not easily tear
  • High durability means longer life and a more even surface with an outstanding finish
  • Great choice for dry and wet sanding applications

 *The Remover Smoother 1 inch is not suggested for the 1 inch mandrels due to the fact that they are over-sized and won't stay on very well. We strongly suggest the 1.5" backers for these sanding discs.*