Radius Edge CBN Wheels

What is CBN?—Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is a synthetic chemical compound made up of boron and nitrogen atoms in a one-to-one ratio. It exists as a cubic crystal lattice, with its atoms arranged in a symmetrical, cube-shaped structure like the crystalline structure of diamond. Its material properties include extreme hardness, stability under heat, and superior chemical resistance. Cubic boron nitride is the second-hardest known material after diamond, making it useful in a wide variety of industrial applications, where it is often used as an abrasive or cutting tool.

The heat resistance of CBN is quite high. Diamond begins to decompose to carbon dioxide in air at around 1,472°F (about 800°C), whereas cubic boron nitride is stable in air up to about 2,552°F (about 1,400°C). In industrial grinding applications and other processes where intense heat is generated, CBN is preferred over diamond. (wisegeek.com)


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Hi Ken,


I received the order for 2 CBN radius edge wheels on Tuesday of last week, very impressed with the quick service. As I was putting them onto a new slow speed grinder and needed to re-center and re-mount my Oneway bases, I did not get a chance to touch a tool to them until today.


I used the spherical washer sets you sell, and am amazed at how quickly and quietly the grinder spins up to speed. And then... I put a bowl gouge against the 180 grit wheel. All I can say is "Wow!" This has changed my whole sharpening experience– from a task that most of us find tolerable, into a process that is almost therapeutic. No bounce or chatter– something I still seemed to get regularly even with a freshly dressed AlOx wheel, just a gentle, smooth hum as the tool edge touches the wheel. The tool stays cool. And it all runs so quietly that I will have to do something to remind me that the grinder is spinning. I will sharpen more often and more gently now, and it will become a natural part of the workflow instead of an interruption.


These things are brilliant. Thank you for the quick service to the other side of the planet.
All the best, phred




"Hi Ken, Finally found time to put on my wheels today. The grinder was a PIA and the nuts did not want
to come off but finally I removed them and cleaned up some rust on the shafts. One wheel needed to
remove the inner washer to run smoothly but now they are both running perfectly. First time ever I've
had a grinder run smooth like that. Love the lamp too, tons of output with no heat."

Thanks so much for excellent products. -Ed




I received my new CBN wheels today. These things are better than sliced bread. I have always had
trouble sharpening my tools until today. It was like coming out of the dark ages.

-Gerald Lawson



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