Rikon Grinders

Ever wish you had a grinder just for sharpening your turning tools, and another one for stuff like your lawnmower blades? Now you can. We now sell the same grinder you see in our videos and use in our demo stations. They come without guards or tool rests. They are brand new and carry the Rikon 5-year warranty.  We've found them to be reliable and they work well with our CBN wheels. You can have your choice of the bare grinder or grinder with CBN wheels. Make sure you see all the options below. You know what the best thing is about this deal? Our wheels are such a good value that getting a grinder with wheels costs less than most places charge for wheels without a grinder! 


Rikon 1 Horse vs Rikon 1/2 Horse Grinder comparison test


I thought I would send you some pictures of the CBN wheels ready to go. There is the Rikon I purchased from you with the Wolverine and Robo Rest installed along with the Delta VS.
Finally there is the Tormek 2000 (I bought this nearly 20 years ago) and it works even better with the new Tornado wheel. I took an old Stanley 8 Blade that had a deep Knick in the edge and had it sharp enough to hone in 7 minutes. This would have taken about 30+ minutes using the water stone and it is dramatically less messy. 

Thanks for creating this remarkable array of wheels for so many different needs. I plan to get a credit card hone in the future but my real credit card is tapped out just now…
–Joe Snare, Gloucester VA
Rikon Grinders with cbn wheels Rikon Grinder and cbn wheels

Rikon Roundup Special

and get TWO FREE Galaxy Lamps - a $40 Value!
This offer is also valid with our New Mega Square Wheels + Rikon Grinder!
Through April 30, 2017