Sanding Pad Holder and Mandrel, 1-inch

$ 2.40 $ 3.00


True 1" hook and loop sanding pad holder and mandrel. These also work with the Roloc stems or Hex Shanks.

Many have asked for a 1" hook and loop mandrel. We came out with a 1" Roloc mandrel only to discover the factory made a mistake and they were actually 1.5". They are great little mandrels and work well with all our Roloc stuff but they were not 1"!
We now have these tough little guys with 1/4 x 20 threads on them. They are too small in diameter to work with a Roloc configuration so this is the next best thing. These have the same tough stems as our Roloc mandrels and are super strong. They will also work with our hex shanks, and believe it or not you can put them on our Random Orbital Sander using the adapter that comes with the sander. Other vendors sell a similar, lesser quality product for almost $6 each. That's absurd. Ours are $3.00 each or 2 for $5.75. Check out all the configurations we offer and once again you will see we hit the mark on offering Better Quality at a Better Price.