Hook and Loop Sanding Pad Holder, 5-inch

$ 7.95

Introducing our new line 5 inch backer pads with Hook and Loop -  We have 3 styles.  One is white with softer edges and 5 dust collection holes.  There are two yellow ones that are firmer.  One has no holes and one has 44 holes for excellent dust extraction if your sander is so equipped. These work great with our Wonder Weave mesh sanding discs with or without dust extraction.  The picture illustrated is with our new PRO 3 inch sander that has plenty of power to use with these five inch discs.  It is advisable to use our backer pad when using our Wonder Weave discs.
The center of each pad has a 5/16 x 24 thread which fits any of our Pneumatic Sanders and others.  If you do platter work or furniture you will like having these in your sanding arsenal.
What's included: One 5" Sanding Pad Holder