Sundstrom Respirator Products


Ashley Harwood using WoodTurners Wonders new Sundstrom Air Purifying RespiratorSundström Safety products protect people from contaminated air. Sundstom is not content to simply meet official requirements, their aim is to always design and manufacture the best and most comfortable respiratory protection equipment on the market.

Sundström Safety AB was founded back in 1926 by mining engineer Ivan Sundström, who was early to recognize the need to protect miners' eyes and lungs, before it's too late. As illnesses caused by breathing in contaminated air often take a long time to develop, it is easy to ignore the seriousness. Good respiratory protection equipment must be simple to use and comfortable to wear.

Photo: Ashley Harwood using WoodTurners Wonders new Sundstrom Air Purifying Respirator.


Sundström's flexible system makes work more

comfortable, safer and more efficient

The basis for Sundström Safety's System is always the actual respiratory protection over nose and mouth. The protection must weigh as little as possible and have a large sealing surface against the face so that it sits comfortably. It must be possible to talk, laugh, turn your head and move freely. The complete respiratory protection is selected taking into account the individual, exertion, work environment, protection requirements and need. Many products in their systems are compatible with each other, and accessories can be changed and supplemented over time. You're always guaranteed the highest TH3 class, optimum comfort and maximum longevity.