Ultimate 2" and 3" Sanding Kit

Ultimate 2" and 3" Sanding Kit

$ 69.95

The Ultimate Sanding System

Has this ever happened to you when sanding a bowl on the lathe? You stick a sanding disc on your hook and loop holder and before you know it the thing goes flying off into the wood chips, or it gets sucked in your vac system. You put the disc on again (if you can find it) and darned if it doesn't go flying again. You come to the sad realization that the hook and loop part on the $9 to $21 holder has worn down to the point where it will no longer hold.

The perfect solution to that problem is our versatile Roloc System. You won’t rip sanding discs on and off the same holder any more. Instead you'll twist a new holder on the same stem keeping the sandpaper intact until it wears out. This way the holder and the sandpaper won’t wear out for a long, long time. But just in case we also supply replacement hook and loop with an industrial adhesive back to fix any wear issues.

We also give you a 10mm thick intermittent pad for extra softness in those tight curves in small bowls (see photos). You can also use a 3-inch holder on a 2-inch stem for extra flex. Lastly, if you need to do some hand sanding, these holders are easy to grab and will get into those tight spaces. With just a twist of the wrist you have a compact hand sander with all the grits you need. We suggest using a Sharpie marker to write the grit on the side of a holder as shown in the picture. Just line them up and start sanding. See the photo of them mounted on peg board attached to my lathe. They screw right in. Easy to see and grab the one you need.  

When you're done with one grit, just pop off the holder and screw on the next grit. It's that easy. This way you change the pad holder on the Roloc stem instead of ripping the sanding disc on and off the holder wearing out the hook and loop. Join the many turners who have come to realize this is a great sanding system. What's more - you get 10 sanding pad holders for the price of 3 decent ones anywhere else. Not only that, but intermittent pads sell for about $4 each and we give you 10 of those as well. These items sold separately would easily sell for close to $200 anywhere else. This deal is a no-brainer.  


  • Five (5) 3-inch and (5) 2-inch sanding pad holders  - These have hook and loop  on the bottom for attaching the sandpaper.         
  • Five (5) 3-inch and (5) 2-inch intermittent soft sanding pad holders - 10mm soft sanding pad holders. One side has hook and the other side has loop. It attaches to the sanding pad holder and then the sanding pad goes on top of that for a softer pad enabling you to get into deeper contours.            
  • One (1) 3-inch and one (1) 2-inch Roloc sanding pad stem (or mandrel). These are at either end of the middle row next to the intermittent pads. These mount in your drill and the sanding pad holders twist on and off when changing grits. 
  • Five (5) 3-inch and (5) 2-inch hook and loop repair discs. If you ever wear out a sanding pad holder's hook and loop you can peel the paper off the back to expose industrial grade adhesive, and apply it to the sanding pad holder for a new hook and loop back.  

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