CBN Flattening Plate Hone Combination

CBN Flattening Plate Hone Combination

$ 98.95

This unique combination hone was created at the suggestion of one of our customers and is designed more for Woodworking and carving applications. Many woodworkers use various honing stones with various high grits to get the maximum polished bevel on their plane irons and carving tools. Problem is those stones eventually will not stay flat, and sharpening becomes ineffective. Enter the CBN Flattening Stone Hone.

There are a couple of Diamond Flattening Hones we're aware of on the market that may not even be a large as ours. They are diamond and cost upwards of $189.00. 

These flattening stones are multipurpose and less expensive in keeping with our mission of bringing you quality, innovative products at a better price. They are  4" x 10" and have CBN grit on both sides. The one side of this plate is coated with 80 grit CBN and will flatten your sharpening stones in no time.  You can run them under water or put them in water to do the flattening if you wish, but dry them off really well when you're finished. You can then flip them over and have almost 40 square inches of 1000 grit CBN to assist in sharpening your various blades and carving tools. 

Only $98.95 or about 1/2 the price of our competitors.