1.5-inch Roloc Foam Disc Holder

$ 2.95

We've been advertising these holders as 30 mm or about 1.18" in diameter, but in fact the factory made a mistake in their description and they are actually 1.5" in diameter. We'll have some smaller ones soon. They work really well with a 2" pad or even our new 1" Green Remover-Smoother Sanding Discs because they are 1.5" wide.  
These 1.5", hook and loop backers can be used with the 1" Roloc Mandrel or they can be purchased alone, with the mandrel, OR in our Mini Ultimate Kit. I would suggest using 2" sanding discs on them as they will overlap a bit and give you goodsanding edge. They can also be used with our orbital sander. The mandrel in the photos are for illustration purposes only and does not come with the holder.