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Axminster Woodturning 4 Prong Drive Centre - 27mm Parallel

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The Axminster Woodturning 4-Prong parallel drive centre was initially designed to be used in the central bore of the Axminster Woodturning SK100 Dovetail Jaws Type C the C jaws. However, it can be gripped in any suitable lathe chuck able to grip the 27mm diameter mounting. It has principally been produced for those lathes that do not have a hollow headstock, but can also be used for those combined jobs where spindle turning is necessary before mounting the workpiece in the chuck.

The centre point helps alignment. Place the point on the centre mark of your workpiece. Give the end of the drive a sharp tap with a mallet rather than using your lathe’s tailstock to push the drive home. This method removes any unnecessary pressure on your lathe’s bearings.

Mounting diameter is 27mm.

Key Features

  • Parallel mounting for gripping in suitable lathe chuck
  • Useful for lathes without morse taper
  • Mounting diameter 27mm