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Axminster Woodturning Aluminium Internal Step Jaws

SKU AXM-107607
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These stepped jaws are similar in design to engineer’s chuck jaws. They present a solution to many workholding situations such as gripping drills or dowels and other small workpieces. CNC machined here in Axminster from high quality aluminium they fit onto your existing accessory mounting jaws in the same way as all our other jaw offerings.

Each set has a 3mm minimum capacity in the centre, then steps at radii of 17mm and 34mm. The heights of the steps are 10mm, 16mm and 22mm. Internal jaws expand to grip on the inside, external contract to grip on the outside. The internal jaws offer good clearance for small workpieces and for holding smaller round or square timber. The external jaws are useful when tuning small boxes.

Key Features

  • Jaws provide internal or external parallel gripping
  • Fit directly onto Axminster accessory mounting jaws
  • Suitable for SK80, SK100, SK114 and older Axminster chucks