Trac-Vac Flexible Dust Collector

Trac-Vac Flexible Dust Collector

$ 89.95


Our long awaited Vacuum Holder is now available and is the latest addition of accessories for our lathe track system. The Trac-Vac utilizes the same technology as our famous lamps, using two similar Flex Tubes to support an adapter that will hold a 4 inch dust hose on one side and a dust bell on the other. If you are familiar with our lamps you know you can position them anywhere and they won’t move. It is the same with the Trac-Vac. It works best on Mid and Larger size lathes and can be moved to just about any position. We will be offering a mini version of this in the future.

The Trac-Vac is offered in two configurations:

1) As a stand alone to be used without the Lathe Track or

2) As an accessory to be use with the Lathe Track Rack.

As our family of Lathe Track Options Grows we are going to be offering the components of the whole system individually so you can build your own system they way you want it.

** Pictured with our Lathe Track Base. Lathe Track Base sold separately**