Wonder Weave Premium Pack 3" - LOW GRIT

Wonder Weave Premium Pack 3" - LOW GRIT

$ 45.00

HOOK and LOOP Wonder Weave 3-inch Sanding Discs LOW GRITS Premium Pack. 

  • 200 Total discs
  • 25 discs of each LOW grit: 60, 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400, 600.


The Secret of Wonder Weave

Wonder Weave is made of White Fused Alumina (WA) also called White Fused Aluminum Oxide. This is not the same as your mother’s Aluminum Oxide. It belongs to the electro-fused artificial corundum group, an important mineral widely used in making refractory bricks, pre-cast refractory shapes, ceramic shapes, various surface preparations, sandblasting, and sandpapers – of course. It’s much harder than normal aluminum oxide and is obtained from reduced fusion of high purity, calcined alumina in electric arc furnaces. Calcined alumina is the most critical material in the aluminum production industry.

White Fused Alumina is stable chemically and its characteristics are: High purity, self-sharpening, acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistance and stable thermal performance. These attributes make it the perfect raw material for many different kinds of abrasives. We feel Wonder Weave makes a superior sanding disc. The high content of Aluminum Oxide is extremely hard which makes it ideal for high-quality, coated abrasives. It has a melting point of 2250 degrees C. We think you’ll enjoy using our newest line of quality sanding abrasives at a very affordable price.