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New Customer Service Hours: 10am-5pm Central Time. Reach us at 678-400-8181.
New Customer Service Hours: 10am-5pm Central Time. Reach us at 678-400-8181.

10-inch, 1000-grit CBN wheel—makes sharpening fast and efficient

Hi, Ken,

I received the new CBN 10-inch wheel to replace my water grinding stone. It works very well to sharpen plane blades and chisels. And its FAST!  Took me less time to change out my water stone for the new CBN wheel, than it did to find the right wrench.  It fit perfectly on my Tormek Grinder. 

I grabbed a vintage plane I’ve not yet sharpened, removed it, unscrewed the chip breaker. The edge allowed me to flatten the back in less than thirty seconds, removing the milling grooves and leaving a mirror finish along the edge. Then I set the blade into my planning blade jig, adjusted the distance so that the bevel laid flat on the stone, and turned on the Grinder.  Less than a minute later—the whole bevel was resurfaced with the 1000-grit stone—sharp enough to put back into the plane and try out. the whole process took only a couple minutes-for a blade that hadn’t been sharpened in a decade or longer. I grabbed a board-and started planing—and in a couple passes, was once again generating paper thin, full-width shavings peeling of the board!

I grabbed a block plane I use regularly—and popped out the plane blade, put it into the jig, sharpened the edge, and had it back in just over a minute. It took took paper thin, full width shavings!  Worked on both a soft cedar board and a hard, twisty grain figured maple board.


That will save me a lot of time—and eliminated a barrier to keeping my hand tools sharp. I don’t have to wait for a CBN wheel to become saturated with water; or use a lubricated (and messy) set of diamond stones;  there’s no mess from water dripping off the blade and no messy table to clean up and deal with; and at the end of the day-there’s no clean up and no worries about making that no water has gotten anywhere it will cause rust to start forming, either!  

I’ve used several methods over the years to sharpen plane blades and chisels from Arkansas stones with oil, to Japanese water stones, to diamond stones.  The new 10-inch, 1000-grit  CBN wheel with a one inch edge on both sides—has made the process of sharpening very fast and efficient.  The CBN wheel works a LOT faster than a water stone, without any heat build up; works better and faster. 

Thanks for selling the quality products you do.

Again, best regards…

Bill Everson

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