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Chris Ramsey is impressed with WoodTurners Wonders

Chris Ramsey is impressed with WoodTurners Wonders

I am highly impressed with the quality of products and service from Ken Rizza at Woodturners Wonders. I placed an order for several items and the order was filled and shipped the same day. I had heard the Ken's CBN wheels were good—what an understatement! Perfectly balanced, incredibly engineered with the impregnation of CBN running around the corners and 1" down each side. I own some D-Way wheels that pale in comparison, were much more expensive and did not last. 

The light (pictured) has a magnetic base, three LEDs and has a long neck that can reach anywhere on the lathe and it stays where I put it. The light is the best I have ever seen or used—good clean light. 

 The sanding system is well made and disks can be changed from back-up pad to back-up pad with another grit in one second without removing the sandpaper from the backup pad which increases the life of the Velcro—very well thought out! The Purple sanding disks cut like no other and last three times as long as any other disk I have used.

As a full-time professional woodturner I have used every product available over the past 25 years. NOTHING COMPARES!!! Incredible products at low prices!!!

Chris Ramsey

Chris Ransey WoodTurnersWonders products




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