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New Customer Service Hours: 10am-5pm Central Time. Reach us at 678-400-8181.
Super Nova use for joiner's bench

Super Nova use for joiner's bench

The Super Nova is easily the best bench light I’ve ever used, and it’s way better than anything currently on the market. Here are some ideas and specs for easy mounting to a joiner's bench - maximizing light efficiency.


Super Nova lamp rod This extension is a piece of 1” aluminum round bar, 24” long. It’s drilled and tapped 8mm x 1.0 at one end, and a 3" stud was turned on the other end to .740”, leaving a 1/8” shoulder and a total extension length of 21". This gets your flex pipe up high enough to allow working with a chisel and mallet under the light without interference. Most benches are between 3” and 4” thick, and the 3” stud prevents wobble. Most benches use 3/4” dog holes, so the stud needs to be at least .010” undersize for a nice snug fit. 
lamp rod for Super Nova bench


Some European benches use 20 mm dog holes as does the very popular Festool MFP table. You could probably base the extension on a steel tube or maybe even an EMT. That way you could press or glue a threaded plug into the top end, and a stud of the appropriate diameter into the bottom. You could even have interchangeable studs for guys that use two  dog holesizes.
So there it is. I’ve got mine, and it's the cat’s meow. 


Don Peters


Super Nova mounted on joiner's bench Super Nova mounted to jointer's bench
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