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Backer Pads for Wonder Weave Sanding Disks

Original price $ 1.80 - Original price $ 4.25
Original price
$ 1.80
$ 1.80 - $ 4.25
Current price $ 1.80
Size: 2"

These backer pads are primarily used for mesh abrasives but can be used in many applications to get the desired firmness. They are about 1/8” thick have have strong hook on one side and loop on the other, yet they remain soft and pliable. The 5” and 6” pads were made with holes in them so that dust free sanding with Wonder Weave is still an option.

Most of our 2” and 3” Wonder Weave users get along just fine without these backer pads, however some pad holders have long "hooks" that can protrude through the mesh disk and prematurely wear out the pad holder or mar the finish on the wood. Our 5” and 6” Wonder Weave users sometimes have another issue. On some brands of sanders the disk holder doesn't work well with Wonder Weave. While our customers really likes the job the Wonder Weave does, when they lift the sander off the work piece – the Wonder Weave Disk turns into a Frisbee. Most of us don't have our dogs in the shop, and its no fun playing Frisbee alone These backers will solve that issue. Please call us if you have any questions.