2" Green Wave Sanding Discs - Sample Pkg

$ 7.25

NEW Product -  Introducing our newest line of Premium Sanding Discs at an unbelievable price. Currently available in oversized 1 and 2 inch discs with a 3-inch disc coming soon. Our 2-inch oversized disc measures 2.75 inches at the center before scalloped wave edges begin, and 3.25 inches in diameter from wave tip to opposite side wave tip. This gives plenty of disc edge hanging over the pad holder to get into those hard to reach corners. These pads have a tough mylar backing and are extremely tear resistant.  


Here are the features:

  • Aluminum Oxide Grain
  • Resin over Resin bonding
  • Long lasting with excellent durability for contour sanding without folding
  • Film construction is much more durable than paper and will not tear easily
  • High durability means longer life and a more even surface with outstanding finish
  • Great choice for dry and wet sanding applications

40 discs - 5 discs in each grit = 60, 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400, 600 grits