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Axminster Woodturning Dovetail Jaws Type D

SKU AXM-410164
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These small work-holding jaws have a dovetail outer rim to expand into a recess and a plain bore gripping onto a spigot. The dovetail diameter is 25mm with a 12mm central bore. The scroll of an Axminster chuck allows a wide variation. This allows these jaws to grip a spigot from 4mm to 24mm or expand into a recess from 18mm to 36mm. Please note, this variation means the grip is no longer a true circle at larger diameters. Made from stainless steel to protect against corrosion.

These jaws are suitable for the SK100 and SK114 chucks. As with all our dovetail jaws they simply bolt onto the Accessory Mounting Jaws.

Key Features

  • Potential gripping range: Internal 4mm to 24mm
  • Potential gripping range: External 18mm to 36mm
  • Recommended for SK100 and SK114 chucks
  • Drawing dimensions taken when jaws form true circle
  • Excellent for gripping bowls, vases etc with narrow bases
  • Inernal grip is plain bore for small spigot
  • Made exclusively by Axminster in Axminster
  • Made from stainless steel to protect against corrosion